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Frequently Asked Questions

"Its  Good  To Talk"

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process of providing guidance, support, and assistance to individuals, couples, families, or groups who are facing various challenges, emotional struggles, or life transitions. The primary goal of Taith counselling services is to compassionately guide clients on their journey, fostering a caring and supportive interactions, helping individuals better understand their feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and circumstances, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Is Counselling in person or online? 

Taith Counselling as a face-to-face, an online and telephone

 counselling service.

Online counselling: removes the barrier of distance, allowing you to choose a therapist regardless of location.

Face-to-face: sessions are one of the more popular therapy formats because they provide an opportunity for you to react to any emotions that arise there and then. 

Telephone counselling: offers a helpful alternative to face-to-face counselling.

What happens during
a session?

In your first session, I will ask you some questions in order to gain an understanding of what's worrying you and the way your thought processes work.  All of the information obtained here will be used to help you in future sessions.

How long and frequent    are the sessions?

The sessions last 50 minutes in duration.  Depending on the needs to the client, appointments can be weekly, fortnightly or evenly longer gaps between sessions. On average, clients will see the benefits from having between 6-8 sessions.  However, this will depend on the clients and their needs.

What's you confidentiality policy

The Confidentiality policy will be discussed with you ensuring you understand the limits and circumstances in which I may need to disclose information such as if there is risk of harm to yourself or others.

What if I have to cancel  a session?

If you need to Cancel or rearrange a session you will need to provide adequate notice to reschedule, I require at least 24 hours’ notice otherwise, a fee will be charged.

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